The Love Festival Tour 2000
Las Vegas
San Diego
san francisco
Los Angeles

Love Festival Tour 2000: 5 cities 5 nights - the Generation Celebration

Storming frontiers of fast moving foundations.
Bridging the gap between hi-fidelity and hi-tech.
Fast paced funk for the dancefloor consumer.
Bourgeuis beats for the tru headz.

The Love Festival

The people, music, sights and sounds, dance
Dedication to celebration since 1990 Celebration momentum, moving juggernaut of sound,
Celebration of the masses, relaxtion of the nation.
Combination of every relation.

The Generation Celebration
continues to combine all positive aspects of our culture,
Together As One.
Global Top Talent as always,
is represented in our exquisite line-up.
Equilibrium, Balance and Harmony is
brought through the rythym of our audio and visual
enhancement installations.

10 years and still going strong!

Go Ventures